If you have a Vendor that always needs to be invoiced to a different Vendor you can set it up on the Vendor Card.

On the Vendor card, on the Invoicing tab, Vendor No. field.  The example below shows Vendor 10000 will Invoice Vendor No. 20000.



On a Purchase Invoice entered for Vendor 10000, the buy-from information will be for Vendor 10000 - Fabrikam and the Pay-to information will pull from Vendor 20000 - First Up Consultants. 


When the Invoice posts it will show the Buy-from as Fabrikam and the Pay-to as First Up Consultants but, the Vendor Ledger Entry for the PI will be under the Pay-to Vendor - 20000 - First Up Consultants.




Note you can also change the Pay-to on the Invoice if you have Vendors that only have the need to change the Pay-to Vendor one time. You do not need to set it up on the Vendor Card.