ACH Setup

On the Bank account Card

  1. Posting Fasttab
    1. Last Remittance Advice number is similar to a check number.  This is an incrementing document number


  1. Transfer Fasttab
    1. The Export Format will be US for United States.
    2.  E-Pay Export File name needs to be something that will increment.
    3. Make sure the Bank’s Transit No. (Routing Code)is entered
    4. Payment Export Format needs to be associated with a Data Exchange Definition
    5. Make sure the Bank’s Account No. is entered (on General Tab)

On the Payment Journal Batch

Select to Allow Payment Export on the Batch

On the Vendor Card

Go to Vendor – Bank Accounts

Enter the bank account information for the Vendor.  The minimum required information is Bank Account No., Transit No. and check off Use for Electronic Payment

Only one bank account can be used per Vendor

In the Payment Method Code – enter Electronic if you wish to pay this Vendor electronically.  This is just for filtering the vendor easily

In the Preferred Bank Account Code you can default the Bank Account that will be used for the Payment Journal/Suggest Vendor Payments process.

Processing ACH payments

The Payment Batch needs to be balanced to the bank and the Allow Payment Export needs to be checked off

You can enter the lines manually or on the Vendor tab of Suggest Vendor Payments you can filter for ACH

On the Options tab – select to Summarize per Vendor, a Starting Document No., and the Bank Payment Type as Electronic Payment

After the lines come in – go to the Bank, Export

Select Export –

On the Options tab enter your Bank Account No., choose output method for Remittance Advice and select OK

Print Company Address is for the Remittance Advice

Below is a copy of the Remittance. (My example is not applied to any invoices)

Select Generate EFT Files

You should see your lines

On the Ribbon – you can Unmark any lines you do not want to include.  Select Generate EFT

The system will save the file to the bottom left of your computer screen

This is a view of the data – you should not need to touch or edit the file

Once you have generated the File – you HAVE to post the transaction. 

If there is an issue with the file, you need to do the following:

1. Post the Payment Journal.
2. Go to the Vendor Ledger Entries page and on the Actions Tab, Unapply Entries for the Payment, this should make the Invoice(s) available to pay again.
3. Still in the Vendor Ledger Entries page and on the Actions Tab, choose to Reverse Transaction on the Payment. This will reverse it off the Vendor and Bank Account.