Once Signed in, pull up the account you are working with and scroll down to the bottom half, of the account’s main profile page. On the left you will see, Microsoft CSP Details
If you want to search for an Existing Tenant / Domain, chose ”Ext” from the Dropdown.
Type in the domain name and click the search icon.
If it searches and then says, ”Acceptance pending, that means that the customer has NOT successfully signed the CSP. You can use this step as a verifiable method, for you to be able to inform your customer, that they still need to sign the CSP to authorize Velosio as one of their partners of record.
If you search for the domain / tenant and it comes back with the tenant id, click the okay to load the teant / domain to HUB associated with the account.
Your company's Microsoft ID will be auto filled out
Click on the input field and enter in the Phone Number.
Click on the button Submit. Please wait for the sytem to refresh and you should get a completion comfirmation on the top of the page. This completes the process.