Script to see if AA is enabled in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


How to check if AA is active or not in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Execute the below SQL Script aganist the Dynamics database.


select a.CMPANYID AS CompanyID, a.INTERID AS SQLDatabase,a.CMPNYNAM AS CompanyName, b.aaCompanyStatus as AAType,

CASE b.aaCompanyStatus

WHEN 4 THEN 'Activated with Data'


ELSE 'Not Enabled'

END   AS AAStatus

FROM DYNAMICS..AAG00104 b join DYNAMICS..SY01500 a

on a.CMPANYID = b.CMPANYID order by AAType DESC, CompanyID


If your Dynamics database is not named DYNAMICS please change to the correct name after the word FROM

Any results with 'Activated with Data' will mean that AA records are getting populated in that database.

A result of "INVALID AA" means that AA Activation was started but did not complete correctly.  In this scenario, you will need to start over with AA Activation if AA is needed for the company.